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Dynamic Date Parameters in BI Report
- Dynamic Date Parameters in BI Report
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For most of the BI Reports we have the input parameter as “AsOfDate” alias sysdate or current date… Sometimes we also have a date range “From Date” and “To Date” to fetch transactions between those dates. And these dates need to have a default value when we open the report/schedule the report. 

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In this article we will try and see what are all the options possible for defaulting date parameters for BI Report.

image 31 - Dynamic Date Parameters in BI Report

We can use these values in the BI Data Model as the default values and when the report is scheduled, the dates will be picked up dynamically based on the sysdate.

image 32 - Dynamic Date Parameters in BI Report

Using the above expressions you can populate the default date values when you run the BI Publisher report.

  • Hi Gopi,

    There isn’t a way to get the First day and Last day of the previous month dynamically. It has to be handled in the SQL Query only if there is such need.


  • Hi Sir,

    Is is possible to attach a query on Date Parameter’s default value to achieve the retrieval of 1st and last day of the previous month?
    Or not? I’m seeing that BIP Date Parameter – Default Value is only limited to the set of this functions / expression you have given above.


  • Hi Colin,
    It isn’t possible to default the 1st day of previous month for the date parameters. We can get the last day of previous month by using {$FIRST_DAT_OF_MONTH()-1$}. You can write this logic in the SQL query in the data model itself.. We have limited scope to define the defaults for the date parameters.We can’t go beyond that..

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