How to access flexfields in OTBI Subject Areas?
How to access flexfields in OTBI Subject Areas?

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In this article we will see how to access the Flexfields in OTBI subject areas. If you are new to flexfields then check this article to get basics of flexfields Flexfields Introduction

When we create flex field segments, there is an option to have them enabled in BI, if we enable that check box, then the segments can be accessed in the business object related subject areas after the below processes are run successfully.

Before executing the below processes, make sure all the flex fields (DFF, EFF and KFF) are in deployed status, else these processes might error out and we might not be able to view the flex fields on subject areas.

Navigate to Navigaor > Tools > Scheduled Processes > Run the below Jobs in the same sequence.

  1. Create Rules XML File for BI Extender Automation
  2. Import Oracle Fusion Data Extension For Transactional Business Intelligence

Once these processes are complete, we can access the flex field segments in the OTBI subject areas. The fields will be present in the subject area with the <Flexfield Code>(underscore)_<segment name> as seen in the below image.

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  1. eli

    Hello, have been running that process for SCM, it apparently runs successfully but i cant see the dffs, any ideas? thanks

  2. eli

    How can I know in which otbi tables the flexfields are stored?

  3. Sricharan

    Hi Eli,
    Not sure on the underlying tables part.. However if you have configured the flexfields with BI Enabled flag, then they should be available on OTBI,

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