- Subscribe to VIP Plans

In this article, we will look into steps to subscribe to one of the VIP Membership Plans which provides access to our exclusive content. Steps to subscribe to all VIP plans would be the same.

NOTE: The current payment gateway accepts payments in INR only. However, it accepts payments from the USA/Canada for some cards. If you want to pay in USD/CAD, please try payment once and if it fails, you can use the Live Chat/ Contact us page and get in touch with our team for other payment modes. Once we receive the payment, we will set up your account manually.

Steps to subscribe to VIP Plans

On the top Menu, Click on “Register for VIP Plan” under “VIP Access” in the Menu

image 1024x183 - Subscribe to VIP Plans

You will be redirected to the VIP Membership Benefits page and FAQ section. Read through details and only if you are interested you can continue to the next part of subscribing to the VIP Plans (Annual/Five year/Lifetime).

Here is the snapshot of the benefits:

image 2 - Subscribe to VIP Plans

Once you decide to pay for any VIP Membership plan, scroll down on the page and you can click on Buy Now button for any plans.

image 3 - Subscribe to VIP Plans

Clicking on “Buy Now” will take you to a new page where you need to fill in details and pay the amount to avail of the Membership benefits.

image 4 - Subscribe to VIP Plans
image 5 - Subscribe to VIP Plans

Enter First Name, Last Name, Email, Password all of these are mandatory fields. Post that complete the Math Captcha which has been introduced to avoid spammers. Then enter the credit/debit card details and accept the privacy policy and click on “Proceed to Payment“.

Depending upon your bank it will prompt for a direct OTP option or will take you to a new page to complete the OTP validation.

image 5 - Subscribe to VIP Plans

Click on Authenticate and complete the second level of authentication using OTP based on your bank.

image 6 - Subscribe to VIP Plans

Once you complete the OTP authentication, the process is complete and you will get a thank you message for subscribing to the VIP Plan and links to manage your account. By default, the user will be logged in with those provided email/password.

image 8 - Subscribe to VIP Plans

Managing your Account

You can click the “Manage your account” hyperlink on the thank you page or you can use the links under VIP Access Menu.

image 9 - Subscribe to VIP Plans

Once you are on the account page, click the Subscriptions page to check details on when your account will expire.

image 10 - Subscribe to VIP Plans

How to Login post-registration?

In order to login to website, you can directly find the Login in the Menu

image 13 1024x165 - Subscribe to VIP Plans

Once you click Login, it will navigate to another login page where you need to enter the credentials.

image 15 - Subscribe to VIP Plans

Enter the Username (Email Address) and password, complete the captcha and click on Login.

How to recover/reset your password

On the login screen, click on “Lost your password?

image 16 - Subscribe to VIP Plans

Enter the email address and complete the captcha and click “Get New Password“.

If you face any issues during the transaction or accessing content, please reach out to our team using the Live Chat or contact us section.