SQL Query to get the Valueset and Lookup Values
SQL Query to get the Valueset and Lookup Values

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We will try to extract Valueset and Lookup values using SQL Query.

Independent Valueset details:

SELECT ffvs.flex_value_set_name
 ,ffvs.description set_description
 ,ffvt.description value_description
FROM fnd_flex_value_sets ffvs
 ,fnd_flex_values ffv
 ,fnd_flex_values_tl ffvt
WHERE ffvs.flex_value_set_id = ffv.flex_value_set_id
 AND ffv.flex_value_id = ffvt.flex_value_id
 AND TRUNC(SYSDATE) BETWEEN NVL(ffv.start_date_active, trunc(SYSDATE))
  AND NVL(ffv.end_date_active, trunc(SYSDATE + 1))
 AND ffvs.flex_value_set_name = 'ABCD_BRANCH_VS'

Table based Valueset details:

SELECT ffvs.flex_value_set_id
 ,ffvs.description set_description
FROM fnd_flex_value_sets ffvs
 ,fnd_flex_validation_tables ffvt
WHERE ffvs.flex_value_set_id = ffvt.flex_value_set_id
 AND ffvs.flex_value_set_name = 'HRX_US_FED_TYPE_EMPLOYMENT'

Lookup details:

SELECT lookup_type
FROM fnd_lookup_values flv
WHERE flv.enabled_flag = 'Y'
 AND NVL(TRUNC(end_date_active), TO_DATE('4712/12/31', 'YYYY/MM/DD'))

These SQLs will become handy when you have requirement to extract this information.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me by posting in comments section.

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