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You are currently viewing SQL Query to fetch Requisition attachment details
SQL Query to fetch Requisition attachment details

In this article, we will try to fetch the requisition attachment details using SQL Query.

As part of ORC, when we create requisitions we have an option to attach relevant documents to the Job Requisition which will help the Hiring Manager/Recruiter identify any supporting documents which identify the purpose of the requisition (Replacement/New).

SQL Query:

SELECT irc.requisition_number, irc.title,
TO_CHAR(fd.creation_date, 'DD/MM/YYYY') attached_date
FROM irc_requisitions_vl irc,
fnd_attached_documents fad,
fnd_documents_vl fd
AND TO_CHAR(irc.requisition_id) = fad.pk1_value
AND fad.document_id = fd.document_id
AND datatype_code = 'FILE'
--AND irc.requisition_number = :P_REQUISITION_NUMBER
ORDER BY fad.last_update_date desc
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