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Resolve Folder not accessible in BI Catalog issue
Resolve Folder not accessible in BI Catalog issue
- Resolve Folder not accessible in BI Catalog issue
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In this article we will look into the issue of a folder not being accessible to user due to incorrect permissions setup and how to regain access to the folder.

When there is a requirement to provide custom access to folders and when we try for multiple options to do it by removing existing accesses, there is a chance that we might end up nowhere by screwing up the security permissions to a folder.

Recently one of my friend have come across a situation like this and we struggled a lot to get the folder permissions back on track.

He has removed the existing permissions to a custom folder in order to add security by catalog group which consists of employee role. However while doing that change, he selected No access for the catalog group instead of full control and clicked OK.

And that’s when the problem started.. He wants to correct that mistake by changing the permissions to the folder. However he wasn’t able to find the folder at all. We brainstormed for sometime and were short of ideas.

I have reached out to the Fusion HCM whatsapp and Telegram groups. Some of them have quickly responded with the resolution to try the Admin view from the BI Catalog using the BI administrator role. And then navigate to the folder in issue and correct the permissions to that folder.

We have logged in with a user who has the BI Administrator role and found the Admin View.

admin view - Resolve Folder not accessible in BI Catalog issue

We just changed the view to Admin View and expanded the folders to see the folder that we are interested in. When we found that folder exists in this view, we thought that our issue is resolved.

Within a few minutes, we were in another issue that we are unable to update the permissions as that is grayed out for that folder even though we can see it.

We again tried multiple approaches to add the “Application Implementation Consultant”, “BI Author” and “BI Consumer”, “Employee”, “Line Manager” roles to the user as per the suggestions on the group.

And finally when we add all of these roles, we were able to find the permissions enabled. We quickly modified the permissions to add the BI Author and BI Consumer and then the folder started appearing on the default User View again.

Thank you to all of those who helped me debug this issue. You can also be part of such active groups to get help when you are struck somewhere and most of the times you would get some lead to proceed further if not a direct solution. Join Telegram group here