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Normally when we burst the BI Reports we either do the html bursting so that the content will appear in the email body or burst with an attachment so that the end user can open the pdf and view it.

However if there is a requirement to combine both of them, then we can use the below bursting SQL:

select ‘1’                            KEY,
‘TEST’                               TEMPLATE,
‘RTF’                                 TEMPLATE_FORMAT,
‘en-US’                              LOCALE,
‘PDF’                                 OUTPUT_FORMAT,
‘EMAIL’                            DEL_CHANNEL,
‘Test Email’                       OUTPUT_NAME,
‘test.test1@gmail.com’      PARAMETER1,
‘test.test1@gmail.com’       PARAMETER3,
‘Test Subject’                     PARAMETER4,
‘<html>Hi’||’ ‘||’xxxx’||’,<br/><br/>
Human Resources was recently notified of your last day of employment. As a resigning team member of ABCD,<br/><br/>
we would like to gather some feedback from you about your experience at ABCD. Your candor and opinion matters.<br/><br/>
We share this feedback with leadership and engage in continuous process improvement.<br/><br/>
Our goal is to ensure we are consistently living our values and remain a top workplace.<br/><br/>
The survey will take approximately 10 minutes.  Please read each question carefully and select the response that best fits your experience.<br/><br/>
<a href=’ || ”’http://www.google.com”’ || ‘>Click here to take the Exit Survey</a><br/><br/>
Also attached to this email is a document outlining your final pay and benefits. After you have had an opportunity to review this document, please don’t hesitate to contact your HR Business Partners if you have questions.<br/><br/>
We wish you the best of success.<br/><br/>
Thank you,<br/>ABCD HR</html>’   PARAMETER5,
‘true’                                                      PARAMETER6
from dual

We need to populate the PARAMTER5 which is the body with the html content and this will show up on the email body.

Below is the sample email received by the end user:

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me by posting in comments section.

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  1. Neha Manjhi


    I am using parameter 5 in my bursting query and using HTML as output format.While running the report it is not showing the email body but showing just the report. My BIP version is

    Please help.


  2. Sricharan

    Hi Neha,

    Please share the bursting query for us to help you.. Do join our telegram groups for quicker response on your questions.

    Thank you

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